I would like to say that Troy White is the person who brought me back in to HD of Indy I had been treated differently by Kathy Neil once before went somewhere else to buy my bike came in this time explaining to Troy that I did not want to deal with her Troy not knowing they sent her out to me anyway once again Kathy Neil has no people skills disrespectful not helpful not a very good sales Person if I ever bought a bike again theres no way Kathy Neil would sell it to me the only reason I bought this bike this time from HD and Indianapolis is because of Troy white Troy White is an awesome person who worked with me and we got the job done Anders What is the other part of the team that helped me get things done I would not recommend anyone dealing with Kathy Neil to buy a motorcycle ive had other friends who have bought motorcycles there who said she was the same to them as she was to me didnt want to help me in any kind away... acts like she does but very cocky I bought my first bike at Southside because of her (Employee: Troy White)
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