Thankful for the fix, but could have been better.
My 2013 FLHTCUSE8 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide broke down on the way back to VA from Sturgis. Fortunately I was able to get it to Indianapolis HD where they diagnosed it and determined that I basically needed a new top end. There are two main reasons I couldn't give five stars. First, it took 55 days to get the bike back. I understand that a lot of that was due to parts shipment issues. However, I had to call several times, sometimes over multiple days, before I could get someone to return my call with a status of the repair. In fact, I had to play the Karen card and ask to speak to the manager to get a call back at one point. Being about 600 miles away, I couldn't just pop over to the service desk and stand there looking stupid until someone gave me an update. Parts delivery issues, not really in Indy HDs control. Responsive updates, totally in their control. This brings me to the second reason I can't give five stars. After 55 days in the shop, I flew to Indy, picked up the bike, drove it straight home in about 9 hours or so, parked it, and came out the following day to see an oil puddle under the bike. Not something I expected to see. Normally, I'd take it back to the shop, but again, 600 miles. So I took it to my local HD dealer where it's sat for an additional 3 weeks (part supply issues, surprise, surprise) and hopefully will be fixed in the next few days. But overall, once Indianapolis HD started communicating regularly, I didn't have any complaints. I know initially they couldn't recreate the problem until the tech took the bike for an extended ride, so I am very please with his tenacity in diagnosing the issue. Also, when I was in the store, the in-person customer service was excellent. If I was in the area, I would definitely be a repeat customer.
Allen Foster
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