Hardest Working Team In The HD Family.
I was invited in to the showroom to check out a brand new HD Limited that I had watched being unloaded on a FB live. I had a trade-in but didn't want my payment much over what I was paying...tough to do on a brand new bike! Brian had me sold on this bike. Loved it! Cathy worked harder than anyone has ever worked to get me a deal. Though it was just short of what I needed, the work she did was nothing short of amazing! I had been eying an '18 Limited as well. They did not get discouraged with me for going another direction but instead worked just as hard to get me a good deal on this one. I have already told so many people that if they want a new or used HD, HD of Indianapolis is the place to go. I'll never go anywhere else! (Employee: Cathleen Neel, Brian Carender)
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Jim Zachary
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