Above and Beyond
From the first time I walked in, to the last HD of Indy has been amazing! When my wife and I went in just to look we were not hounded by sales representative or anything unlike other dealerships! We met randy for a brief moment the first time we were in looking! Unfortunately he was crazy busy as it was a Saturday! A day later randy messaged me and apologized for how crazy it was and made a appointment with us to look and talk about bikes that fit for us and him! Upon picking our bike randy and all of the team stayed late to finish doing paperwork and getting the ball rolling on getting a bike! Not once did it seem as if we were a bother to them with us being after hours! The bike we chose had to be shipped from a different store in the US. The bike we chose was extremely hard to find, but everyone at HD of Indy made sure to look high and low to find one! They went to pick up my bike states away in a timely manor!! Any other dealership or store would have not cared that it took that long to fin and get, but Anders kept apologizing and telling us that he and all of HD were sorry it took so long! At the end of the day, I knew it would be a hard bike to find and they went above and beyond! Everyone at this store is so polite and has a smile no matter what! Working around my crazy schedule and dealing with every problem that came their way was knocked down! Wouldnt change a thing about where I purchased my bike! I feel as if I have become part of a family at HD of Indy. To everyone involved, a huge thank you! (Employee: Randy Hayes, Anders Pigorsch)
Kyle Hodges
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