Fixed '05 883L idle !!!
LISTENED to my/our description of the problem after other service providers tried and thought they had fixed without, evidently, conducting a 30 minute minimum test ride in order to provoke the failure as told. This was a particularly difficult gremlin to corner as the rough idle and unresponsive throttle (dangerous) manifestations were irritatingly intermittent. Andy was on it, kept me informed of progress and called with the estimate when the problem was found (inop cam position sensor). Post repair check ride I conducted at pick up of around 100 miles went well without any problem at all. This bike is fixed after YEARS of off-and-on attempts and hundreds spent elsewhere. Cudos to the techs and service team overall for knocking this one out of the park. VERY happy. Yes, you have my business going forward. (Employee: Andy Slatt)
Greg Thompson
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