Making it right!
My first visit to the store was a few months back when it was Matthews second day in Service. Ive been back a few times since then including a few weeks ago to buy some heated grips. Turns out the grips I bought were packaged incorrectly. So, yesterday I went back to see what yall would do to make it right. I found Matthew, he called me by name, he took responsibility (a huge move on his part) and made it right. Tiera came over to provide the approval and could not have been any nicer about it. I mentioned how this HD dealership is different than most. Yall have such a friendly vibe. Thats not the case in the dozens of dealerships Ive stopped in over the past 15 years. Congrats on making me a fan of your home! - Dean Harder (Employee: Matthew Tongate, Tiera Sherman)
Dean Harder
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