A Simple Phone Call
A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from your dealership. It was from Gage (service). He introduced himself then told me he was calling because he saw a note about me receiving a complementary oil change next time. After about 5 seconds of me being in shock, a good kind of shock, I think I said, I can't believe you're calling, and or, I can't believe you guys remembered. Then I explained how the free oil change came about (04/27/2019 JMM WO-67181 WO-67623). I told him thanks for calling and hope to see you soon. Then about a day or two after the phone call, I was running errands and happened to be in your area, so I stopped in. I was greeted by one of your employees as I walked in; just like always. Then I walked over to the service writer's desk and that's when I met Gage. It's always good to put a face with a name. I've had trust issues with dealerships (auto & motorcycle) in the past, however, that was in the past. Since I moved to Westfield in 2018 (from the south side of Indy), you are the only dealer who has serviced my '04 Ultra. Long story short, you're an excellent dealership and you treat your customers very well, thanks. (Employee: Gage Dedor)
Eddie Beaver
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